Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Observation !!!

As we live in a democratic country, we should socialise with all classes of people. Everyone is human, though basic needs differ, which depend on living standards.  Let us take the case of the “Common Man” or Aam Admi. The common man plays a big role in making or breaking our government, as the vote bank is driven by him. The government hardly cares about the  basic needs of commoners.

Basic needs include clean water, health care, housing, education and other services.  Everyone in a democracy deserves equal rights and opportunities to make right decisions in their life.

A month back, I visited villages of Haryana, where I saw how the government provides basic needs to the fullest extent. Residents have jobs, and the government plays an active role in encouraging investments through its network of reliable public sector banks. The prosperity of the people is clear from the fact that  everyone has landlines; they are well connected to the cities through these communication networks and a well-maintained road infrastructure.

 In contrast, in villages of Uttar Pradesh, I saw that basic needs of the residents are not met. In UP, I was surprised to see that the feudalistic system still prevails. A  single landlord virtually ruled the village like a king.

The vast differences between the two states arises  not because of different governments as such, but on account of lack of awareness about basic rights by the people themselves. My impression is that most people are not ready to accept even positive changes, because they seem to be stuck in a time-wrap. It is strange that they are happy with their living conditions. Our first step to better their lot would be to make them aware about the changes that can come into their lives if their basic needs are fulfilled. Awareness is the first step towards a new beginning.